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This GIS web mapping tool is maintained by the Pembrokeshire Coastal Forum on behalf of a partnership of organisations involved in the management of the coast and countryside across South West Wales. The partnership seeks to assist in the sustainable management of the area to the maximum benefit of all potential users by constructing a coherent picture of activity.

This website is aimed primarily at Recreation, Conservation and Tourism managers and is not aimed at promoting any activity or location. The help tab above should provide you with all the information needed to access and use the site. If you require further information on the project or using this GIS web mapping tool please contact us



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Land based activities
 Beach Activities
 Caving Potholing
 Quad biking
 Horse riding
 Kite boarding
 Land yachting
 Power kites
 Wildlife watching 
 Dog walking 
Water based activities
 Body boarding
 Canoeing Kayaking 
 Kite surfing
Boat based activities
 Jet skiing PWC 
 Power boats 
 Cruiser sailing 
 Wake boarding, water skiing 
 Wildlife boat tours 
 Dinghy sailing
Alert layers
 Public alerts
 Restricted alerts
Other layers
 Public land 
 SW Wildlife Trust 
 Beach awards 
 Car parks 
 Dog ban areas
 Lifeguarded beaches 
 Climbing Restrictions 
 Mooring areas
 Coasteering FeasibilityUnlikely to be feasibleManagement approach requiredFeasible subject to site evaluation 
Conservation Layers
 Country Parks 
 Heritage Coast 
Marine Code
 Slow areas 
 Seal areas 
 Seal and Seabird areas 
 Seabird areas 
 Cetacean areas 
European Marine Site Plans and Projects
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Data confidence (1-5):
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